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GM's Message

In just over three decades, Teyseer Building Materials & Transport Company (TBMTC) has managed to transform itself from a “Cement Supplying Company” to a well-placed, reliable & dedicated supplier of essential building materials and logistic service provider to the Qatari Construction Industry and Qatari Manufacturing Companies.

It has pioneered the Reinforcement Fabrication Industry in Qatar and within a short span of time it has become the most reputed supplier in the State of Qatar with the dedication of all its employees and is now further expanding its production capacity to meet with customers’ requirement.

Needless to say, the long list of achievements by TBMTC would not have been possible without the cooperation and patronage of our valued clients.

We are committed to safety in our operations, to enhancing reliability & quality in our production and to improve our record of accurate and timely products delivery.

Today, TBMTC is the largest stockist of building materials & logistic provider in the State of Qatar and is proud to be a significant contributor to the development of Qatar, something that we will continue till the achievement of Qatar Vision 2030.

The team at TBMTC has been selected both for their professional qualifications and their experience in the manufacturing & construction industry.  I am confident that the combination of modern equipment and an experienced professional team will provide our valued customers with quality products & service.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Chairman,  Board of Directors  and valued customers for their contribution and guidance to our ongoing success.

K S Kumar
General Manager
Teyseer Building Materials & Transport Company