Maple Leaf Cement is the third largest cement factory in Pakistan. It was set up in 1956 as a joint collaboration between the West Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation and the government of Canada. It is strategically located at Daudkhel (District Mianwali) in Northern Pakistan, which is an area rich in raw materials required for the production of cement. Kohinoor acquired the ownership and management of Maple Leaf Cement under the privatization policy of the government of Pakistan in 1992.

At the time of privatization in 1992, the capacity of Maple Leaf to produce Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) was 1000 tones per day (tpd). A second plant of 4000 tpd was commissioned in 1998 and a third plant of 6700 tpd came into production in 2006. It increased the total capacity to 11,700 tpd. The capacity of White Cement has also increased from 100 tpd to 500tpd with the addition of a new plant. This plant also has provisions for doubling the capacity to 1000tpd. Presently Maple Leaf cement has 9% of the market share of OPC and is a leading brand in Pakistan with a diverse customer base. It is also the largest producer of White Cement in the country with 80% of market share.

In order to remain competitive in the market the management at Maple Leaf continuously re evaluates its business strategies. With the increase of furnace oil prices the company adopted coal as a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly fuel for kiln firing.

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