Hydrophilic Swellable Waterstop are made of unique sealing compound which expands It is is ideal for use in horizontal and vertical construction joints for cast in-situ concrete structures.


  • Conforms easily for installation onto rough or smooth concrete surfaces.
  • Allows concrete to gain strength before expansion due to built-in expansion control system.
  • Long term durability & integrity.
  • No compaction or displacement problems.
  • Unaffected by repeated wet and dry cycles.
  • Can withstand 60 metres (6.0 Bar) of hydrostatic head pressure.


CJ 5000 ( Chloroprene)

  • Suitable for Salt Water
  • Upto 6 Bar
  • Controlled Expansion
  • Available in 10mm*20 mm

47 B ( Butyl)

  • Suitable for All applications
  • Upto 5 Bar
  • Controlled Expansion
  • Available in 15mm*20 mm

Available in

  • 12mm,18mm,20 mm,25 mm,50 mm thickness
  • 1mtr x 2mtr
  • Other thickness and sizes also available on request ( 1.2*2.2 and thickness upto 300 mm)
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