HVAC equipment for a building is one of the major sources of interior noise, and its effect on the acoustical environment is important. Operation of HVAC equipment can also induce mechanical vibration that propagates into occupied spaces through structure borne paths such as piping, ductwork and mounts. These vibrations can cause direct discomfort and also create secondary radiation of noise from vibrating walls, floors, piping etc. Therefore; installing a suitable sound-absorbing liner inside the air ducts is an exceptionally effective way to reduce this air-borne noise and improve the acoustics in the building.

Supreme introduces INSUsound-xlo – a range of high-performance engineered open-cell XLPE foam specially designed for applications that require enhanced sound absorption properties. This non-fibrous, tri-dimensional chemically cross-linked fire-retardant foam provides excellent sound absorption characteristics ideally suited in duct lining application. INSUsound-xlo does not disintegrate or particulate unlike conventional products.


Features :

  • Long-lasting, non-deteriorating and also does not particulate hence; provides consistent performance throughout its life span
  • Ease of handling, application and installation
  • Low adhesive consumption
  • Inert to most chemicals
  • CFC/HCFC free production – environment friendly

Recommended Applications

  • Duct internal lining
  • Plenum area lining
  • Pipe lagging
  • Gaskets
  • AC equipment insulation
  • Room acoustics

Ideal for use in

  • Shopping Malls and Multiplexes
  • Airports, BPOs and Gymnasiums
  • Commercial Complexes, Conference Rooms and Offices
  • Hotels, Banquets, Concert Halls and many more…
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